Friday, April 18, 2008

Hotel Charley Vol. 3: The Lost World

The latest Teaser to the upcoming release of Hotel Charley Vol. 3: The Lost World is here. Please check out for a complete tour schedule.

Brazils Bounty

After one month and over 4000 miles of driving, the Central Brazilian huck mission has come to a resounding end at Salto Anaconda. Just days before the Crew of Ben Stookesberry, Jesse Coombs, Ryan McPherson, Chris Zawaki, and Pedro Oliva were slated to head home, the team stumbled across one of the runnable waterfalls on record Deep in Central Brazil.

We almost decided not to even bother scouting the falls after they saw that an easilly accesible falls upstream was far less than ideal, landing on rocks. However, the ever helpful owner of the property reported that a 21 foot Anaconda made the base of the second falls its home and that the group was bound to see it if they went down there. Well, we went down there and found an anaconda of a waterfall waiting with the maximum amount of aeration possible; although, the near flood stage level of the river made for massive currents and boils at the base that flushed into a overgrown class 4 flush that led into the real Anacondas home.

After a full day of scouting, contemplation, and working out the details of my would be line with Jesse Coombs, I decided to give the falls a go... For now I will leave the details of the descent to the upcoming video and articles to expose.