Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jesse Coombs Back in Action

Jesse Coombs is back in action for the 2007 - 2008 filming of Hotel Charley vol. 3: The Lost World. When asked how he selects what drops to fire up and which to avoid, Coombs quickly responded, "I'm just out there running the stuff that is going to put a smile on my face at the bottom." Coombs must have been smilling alot on his latest trip to Southwestern British Columbia,CAN where he ran some of the areas ultra-classic V for the first time while also claiming a first descent of a major tributary to the Frazer River in his probing of an upper canyon in the Bridge River.

Coombs was first nationally recognized for his ground breaking efforts in the first Hotel Charley released in 2006 as National Geographic Adventure Hero of the year. To date he still holds the dubious title of gnarliest descent ever with his hair-raising solo probe of the 20+ meter Angel Wing Falls on the Santo Domingo. It was not the 80+ foot hight of the drop as much as it was the tiny recovery pool that flushed tenuously off the face of the earth. Before his NGA notoriety, Coombs was well known from the Oregon Kayaking website as the "Portage Killer."

Watch for Coombs in the upcoming spring 2008 release of the lost world as he puts his formidable skill set up against the most challenging rivers on the planet.


Anonymous said...

right on Benny the site looks great, real clean and some awesome vid/photos. Can't wait to see more... I'll check back soon.

Anonymous said...

I think the link to oregonkayaking is bad. It should be dot net, but you have dot com. The result is a fake site.

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